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YRS is a Black, queer, one-woman operation brought to you from a small, plant-filled apartment in Portland, OR. That "one woman" also goes by the name Jenna Fletcher (she/her). Hi! 🙋🏽‍♀️


After a near-lifetime of having a creative identity primarily as a writer and storyteller, YRS launched in September 2020 as a COVID-19 lockdown hobby gone a biiiiit too far. It continues to be a vehicle for tactile meditations, a pursuit of Black joy and self-care work, and, most simply, an outlet to make cool shit I get a kick out of wearing. I hope you do too!

When I'm not making squiggles and shapes, I'm usually Pepe Silvia-ing my way through organizing information as a Content Strategist, trying to find the nearest soft-serve, or laugh-screaming about the NBA. Swish!


Follow @thisisyrs on Instagram for the latest news. You can also  reach out directly using the contact form or by emailing Talk to you soon! ✨

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