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    Orders ship 3-7 business days after purchase, unless otherwise noted in the shop listing. All packages ship using USPS, and you'll get an email with a tracking number when your order is sent. Once your package is out of my hands, I, unfortunately, don't have any control or visibility into the shipping process and am not liable for lost packages.
    All YRS purchases are final sale, and returns or exchanges aren't accepted unless an item arrives damaged or defective. If you receive a damaged item, please reach out and I'll work with you to get your items replaced. Occasionally, because of the nature of hand-making items in small batches, I may not be able to replace the exact style you purchased. In these instances, either a comparable style or a refund will be made available.
    If you need to make changes to an order after it's been placed, please reach out within 24 hours of placing it.
    When you shop with YRS, you’re saying yes to handmade! That means you’re also saying yes to each item being thoughtfully crafted, but not without some variance. No two pairs will ever be exactly the same. Please expect (and, hopefully, celebrate!) the unique variations–slight differences in pattern, surface texture, maybe a fingerprint here and there–that come with shopping small and handmade.
  • DOIN' MY PART ♻️
    Polymer clay is a form of PVC (plastic). I do my best to limit waste and work as mindfully as possible since the material itself isn't sustainable. Reasons you can feel good about your purchase: You're supporting a Black, queer maker (and not fast-fashion)! Items are made in small quantities, and, if cared for, will last a long time. No clay is thrown out! Polymer clay doesn't dry out until being oven-cured, so all scraps are recycled to make one-of-a-kind color-ways, or used in prototyping and other fun experiments. I opt for shipping materials that are plastic-free and easily recyclable. You won't find a lot of freebies or fluff in the packaging itself–I personally don't dig when I get a million weird handouts when I get a package!
  • Some of these earrings are big! Are they heavy?
    One of the best things about polymer clay is that it's a super lightweight material! You can find the weight of each style on their respective pages–the weight is listed by individual earring, not the weight of the pair. Currently, the heaviest style is about 0.35oz–less than the weight of two quarters! I have sensitive ears myself, and almost all of these babies are damn-near light enough to forget you're wearing them.
  • Do you have a gift option?
    If you're sending YRS as a gift, leave a note at checkout and I'll exclude pricing info from your package. You can also add a message to your loved one in the checkout notes, and I'll happily include it in your package on some cute confetti paper! There's also gift wrap and gift cards available.
  • I have a cool idea–do you take custom orders?
    Typically no. YRS isn't a full-time gig, and the time I dedicate to it ebbs and flows pretty drastically. It's hard to know when I'll have bandwidth to enthusiastically take on everything a custom project rightfully entails–collaboration, design, iteration, repeat, repeat! That said, if you have an idea you just can't get out of your dang head, and think would be a great fit, feel free to reach out!
  • How do I take care of my polymer clay items?
    Polymer clay accessories are lightweight, durable, and can live a long life with some simple care: Polymer clay is slightly flexible and won't shatter like kiln-fired clay, but should still be handled carefully like most handmade goods. Store your items in a cool, dry place away from sharp materials (like metal🤘🏽), which can cause scratches. Light surface scratches can sometimes be buffed out using a soft, non-abrasive material like felt or broken-in denim. To clean, gently wipe with a damp cloth. For more stubborn debris (like makeup), you can use a little bit of rubbing alcohol on a q-tip.
  • I live near Portland–do you offer local pickup?
    You're welcome to come pick your items up in person (in NW Portland, near Providence Park). At checkout, select the Local Pickup option in lieu of shipping. I'll contact you to coordinate!
  • Can YRS earrings be modified to work for stretched/gauged ears?
    Some styles can be modified to have a kidney-style hook or leverback closure. Please reach out with your request and I'll let you know if I can accommodate!
  • Do you offer wholesale?
    Yes! I'd love to talk about working with you–please take a look at YRS' wholesale terms and reach out to if you're interested in becoming a stockist!
  • How do you pronounce YRS?
    YRS is an abbreviation of "yours"–I personally pronounce it with a lazy lil drawl, like "yurs."
  • What's your sign?
    Okay, okay.... probably no one is coming here to ask this, but juuuuuuuust in case: Taurus sun, Cancer moon, Leo rising. 😘


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